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Three new successful start-ups in one year and this is only the beginning!
We have successfully completed the first season of working with Russian distributors of Cube cycling goods, when we met with representatives of one of their Russian dealers. In anticipation of Eurobike 2010, the two young and ambitious businessmen were interested in our opinion concerning simultaneous offline and online launch of Cube stores.
We recommended to launch
several cycling brands at once,
as it is multibrand stores that could help use the direct sales oriented Internet marketing tools in the most efficient way.
At the time the competitive environment was aggressive enough, there were serious market players, and a vast amount of online stores at various levels, and therefore the consumer had to be offered something entirely new with a sufficiently high quality of service. The businessmen took some time to think.
By the beginning of the 2011 cycling season, after the concept had been finally determined, we joined the work force. This started one of the most intense partnership stories.
They had never experienced such a high level of stress and emotions until that time, and we had to do our best to persuade them to believe us during even the most challenging periods.
Logo options for the offline and online Bike Salon stores
To make the launch powerful enough, the new businessmen had to sell their cars,
everyday work and sleepless nights came, boutiques and an online store were opened, a domain with a good history for search engine marketing was purchased, advertising budgets were calculated, and a financial plan for the coming year was drawn up. home and catalog pages
It should be pointed out that
cycling stores were opened at a brand new location —
Globus Extreme trade center,
where there was no pass-through traffic, and so the Internet was our only hope.
Photos of the store
Later, analyzing the success history, we realized that it was our recommendation to start several
brands at the same time was the key to achieving excellent results. One brand would not have kept the store running.
By the end of the season our partners not only recovered all the investments,
but also earned some extra money,
which gave the idea to launch some more
winter projects.
Visitor statistics, domain
This brought another surge of emotions, prelaunch rush,
and required tremendous effort, time, and money when working on the project, so all of this could be recovered at the end of the season. and websites
Visitor statistics, and domains