Creating one of the most committed bicycle brand communities
So, the history of working on the brand started with Mag-Russia cycling store. In 2008,
we predicted investments
in Internet marketing
and drew up sales plans for 2009.
When preparing the forecast, based on the customer-provided sales data for the two previous years, store brand related search queries statistics and dynamics, we received the sales growth of only 10-15% for the year to come. We were all disappointed, as the growth had been many-fold in the previous years.
The sales growth was only correlated with the number of searches for the target queries, as their visibility was at a maximum at the time of the analysis and forecast. The number of searches increased only due to the growth of the Internet as a whole.
For instance, in 2008 the maximum
number of searches (during the seasonal peak) related to CUBE bicycles
did not exceed 300 searches per month.
Accordingly, if we had devoted no special effort in 2009, we could only count on 330-350 interested users.
But the client and us decided
to do our best,
to change the situation. And the first thing that became obvious to us was the need for drastic increase in the number of people interested in the brand,
as the product was really excellent!
Why exactly this option? We could increase the store sales giving it visibility to general queries, such as "mountain bike" or "bicycle". But we believed that such an approach, although requiring less effort and funds, is not very effective and is not meant for long-term application.
We believed that the strategy of shaping the demand for the Cube brand meant working for the long term. Fortunately, this was also the way the client saw it. And the next story confirms the correctness of the chosen approach.
Together we developed the strategy for 2009 and already in the fall of 2008 started implementing it. The first thing our client did was meet the management of the German manufacturer, told them about our plan, and got a contract for distributing bicycles in Russia.
The distribution bar was at the time rather high, which, as it seems to us,
influenced the project success.
And we all set to work. Slightly more than half a year remained till the beginning of the season, and we had to build a rather big business from scratch. Therefore, to ensure efficiency we defined the competencies and planned the work very clearly.
We went to Eurobike to meet the creators of Cube, see the new collection, feel the brand spirit. We talked to their marketing experts regarding the messages, promotion materials, and the content revealing the brand values.
Having returned from the fair, we put everything together, and we had a clear picture of positioning and promoting premium quality Cube products in Russia. We did the best we could to work on all the stages that depended on us — creating the content revealing the brand values, ordering it to make a logical structure on the website, displaying messages on banners, engineered advertising campaigns, and did many other things.
We set ourselves a task of creating an easy to navigate and technological brand website (even more technological than that of the manufacturer), as these qualities and attention to detail are the main brand values. Later on the German colleagues copied a part of our services to their international website.
We also believed that the values claimed by the brand and confirmed by it in use are capable of not only involving, but also uniting people around it. For that reason we paid much attention to informing the audience on the brand values in our advertising campaigns, and gave the audience a possibility to share their impressions on the website. The service proved to be in much demand due to the fact that social networks were at the time underdeveloped. It allowed posting photographs, communicating, and taking part in competitions..
Currently we can state that the Cube brand community is the strongest in the cycling field and not only there.
This assessment was not based on the number of the members of our groups — this parameter is absolutely irrelevant, but on their commitment to defending the brand reputation, to bringing the brand values home to other people,to active participation in the brand life:
Video commercials — participants of the CUBE-2012 Spring Contest and the coverage of the prize award procedure
Moreover, a sufficiently large part of our company are a Cube brand community. We ride bicycles of this brand. Some ride only on weekends, and others ride to work every day in the season. We often hold long-range mass bicycle races, after which we share impressions which lets us build the communication with the consumer at a high quality level.

And we like to be fully
immersed in the brand
when working!
Our bicycle races
We also stimulate the interest in the brand by involving celebrities. In 2010, with our assistance and using our bicycle Vladimir Minim made an interesting trip across entire South and North Americas. A Cube bicycle became one of the first bicycles to be on the Indian sacred Mount Roraima.
Photos from the trip
At the end of 2011, a Cube bicycle was given as a present to Mikhail Porechenkov. We met him and secured his promise to participate in shooting our promotional materials. In 2012, he participated in an interesting photo session with Cube bicycles, and we gave him the new top class Elite model, as well as built his personal website михаилпореченков.рф
Photo shoot materials
We intend to maintain friendly relations with him further on.
Cube's becoming a best selling product in the premium bicycles segment
during the two last years
is to a large extent our client's achievement. When the work started, he managed on a very short notice (we don't know how he did that) to create an extensive dealer system and motivate its members the best he could. This enabled us to conduct advertising campaigns not only in Moscow, but throughout entire Russia, as we were able to meet the demand in other Russian regions.
After the first advertising campaigns campaigns the dealer system grew on its own, as people came to stores to request specifically Cube. It was merely impossible to persuade them to buy another bicycle, which made boutique owners feel that they had to have this brand in stock!

As there was no need to expand the dealer system any more, our client concentrated on optimizing Cube deliveries, optimum model distribution, improving after-sale service, and resolving warranty issues.

We still continue working on our flagship CUBE project. During the season of 2013 we invented many new tools in communicating brand values, which we will surely try and in case of success (which we do not doubt!) we will use these advance technologies for other projects.