Jewelry is the subject we understand as well as no other digital marketing agency
Fashiongold is one of our earliest projects in which we were involved during more than 8 years. It all began when a representative of jewelry manufacturer Vangold came to our agency. The clients were getting ready for a trade fair, and so they needed a website for their products catalog. We suggested making a marketing tool which they would be able to use in combination with additional promotion activities.
They said they did not think much about online sales,
but due to the fact that the difference in the expenses for the website production with an online store was insignificant, and the SEO subscription price was ridiculous, they agreed.
We created the first website release and started promoting it.
Just a few months later
our client called us and said
he wanted a separate online sales project. Thus the Fashiongold project was born.
Visitor statistics for
By that time we had clearly understood the success formula, therefore we prepared a powerful interface having no rivals in the market, and started major integrated promotion including
SEO and later contextual advertising. There were no strong players in this category at the time, and therefore
during just a few months the project got to the leading position
in the jewelry category, and is currently one of the industry leaders.
The number of visitors attracted to the jewelry theme
And after the completion of the project we visited more than one jewelry trade fair, studied the subject in great detail, and acquired new partners:
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