Gidromarket is one of our earliest projects in which we were involved during
more than 8 years.
In 2004, a young businessman came to our office with a request to create an online store of sanitary fittings and conduct online advertising campaigns. Who would have thought at the time that this interaction would give birth to one of the leaders of the sanitary fittings industry, still considered a model example by our potential customers.
What is the success story?
Why did Gidromarket become a synonym
of success in the industry?
Analyzing the work performed, we should mention that already in 2004 we managed to devise and work out
the success formula.
It runs as follows: "The result depends on such two components as our professional skills of communication marketing and proper performance by our partner."
Following this principle helps to create a truly efficient, human-oriented project having all the properties required to become a leader in the relevant category.
Gidromarket initially required intensive preparatory work, and a good set-up, with both the parties were involved and interested — Shogo and our partner.
We offered a name for the store, prepared a powerful interface with no rivals on the market, started a comprehensive no-nonsense promotion, including contextual advertising, YandexDirect and SEO, which at the time was a rather new service. Our partner formed an excellent range of products, selected and united around himself a customer-oriented team whose main task was to provide the best service in the category, and from the very beginning paid much attention to the project reputation, working on the implementation of the joint plans in good faith. Our advantage was that the online retail market of sanitary fixtures was rather rudimentary, as active market participants preferred radio, TV and outdoor advertising to the Internet.
First design options
All that allowed Gidromarket become a leader in its category within two years.
Eight years later our partner invited us to participate in negotiations with Wikimart whose management chose Gidromarket based on the whole complex of characteristics (interface, attraction, service) from among other stores offering to head the sanitary fittings category in their project. Choosing a partner was very important for Wikimart, as they had been disappointed before by some small online stores that did not treat their business seriously.
The accepted website design option
This fact once again confirmed Gidromarket's high status and the correctness of our success formula we had devised eight years earlier, we still apply in our work.