Our Internet branding experience
with a producer of home exercise equipment
under the British
brand Intensor
At the beginning of 2012 British producer of exercise equipment Intensor entrusted us with developing their official brand site. They also entrusted us with creating the media strategy of the company's presence on the Russian Internet jointly with their Russian distributor.
We had not seen the product by that time, but
we liked the company management's approach to how things were done.
We designed a website, launched an advertising campaign, suggested and implemented a 3D version of the catalog. The good results received after the campaign were not only our achievement, but also the achievement of the brand products that justified the Russian customer's expectations. home page and flypage
Advertising banners
In branding it is important for us to have a good quality and useful product, as it is these characteristics that can ensure the desired result in combination with an efficient marketing. Thanks to Intensor exercise equipment, home fitness became affordable for all categories of athletes, from new ones to professionals
It is our objective to do everything possible to let as many people as possible know about it and choose it as their home exercise equipment.
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Visitor statistics chart from the website