KONA project is one of the brightest projects in our company's history. We tested the bicycles ourselves, shot videos, and got immersed in the spirit of this brand.
In the middle of 2010, by a lucky chance we met the great guys who worked at the Russian representative office of the Kona company. Already after the very first meeting we realized that
we felt sympathy towards this brand
We understood at once who it had been created for and what was the correct way to tell about it to the people it had been invented for! That same fall we went to Eurobike 2010 where we met Jimbo and Dan (founders and masterminds of the company), got fully into the fun of KONA, and rode down the Alps on some of the best free ride bicycles.
Kona's booth at Eurobike-2010 and the downhill ride
In 2011, we were already gathering
friends of Kona,
Website of the contest
which made Jimbo and Karim Amour (Enduro Champion of Europe) very pleased at Eurobike 2011. Karim showed us his scars and taught us several bicycle techniques :-) which we tried at once in the mountains (naturally, on Kona bicycles).
Karim Amour and the video with him
And in 2012 we and our colleagues (friends) from Sportiv gave a Kona
bicycle rental store to Tolstoy himself
(or rather his great-great-grandson)
Now the descendant
of the great writer
about Yasnaya Polyana
on a Tanuki bike.
And also in that year we asked A. Belyakov, our friend and a blogger, to post the "Amsterdam" video, shot by Mitchell Scott (Communication Director Canada Vancouver Kona bicycle company), one more friend of ours from Canada.
Speaking about the video,
Kona's Youtube channel has already got more than 1 million views.
Searches chart for the "Kona" query based on Wordstat data
Now we have
thousands of Kona friends,
and this is free ride bike No. 1 for each Russian kid...
Photos of the KONA RUSSIA group on vk.com