Shaping the demand for one of a major European cycling goods manufacturer on the Russian market.
We had successfully worked with some international brands in the field of Internet branding in Russia
when we got a remarkable opportunity to meet
top managers of one of the largest companies engaged in bicycle production, and later influence the marketing approach of this large cycling goods manufacturer.
We came to visit our partners, the managers were delayed and by a lucky chance the meetings with Shogo and Kross overlapped. Kross representatives were entertained by one of the managers. His repertoire had nearly come to an end by the time we appeared.
He found his bearings quickly and asked us to help him communicate to potential partners. He was hard to refuse, as a great opportunity occurred for us to communicate with the top managers shaping the marketing development strategy of the giant cycling goods manufacturer.
We gave a presentation,
told them about the approaches to brand promotion using Internet marketing tools, described the stages of our activities, shared the information on the technologies we had, and showed several case studies.
The guys from Kross liked our presentation, in the course of which they never put their pencils down, taking detailed notes in their scratchpads.
At the end of the conversation they told us that in their country they are leaders in bicycle sales, but recently they have noticed that they are starting to lose their positions. The acquaintance with us and our approaches gave them certain ideas they decided to use in their work. Some time later our partners became distributors of Kross products. It was pleasant to see the results of implementing our comments and suggestions, which later helped them efficiently shape the demand for their products on the Russian market.
And it is even more pleasant to see those bicycles
nearly in every yard
in our country. home page and flypage
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