In 2007, our company updated its corporate design, and a logo looking like a funny small bicycle symbolizing our serious approach in working with business companies: to avoid falling, you have to be able to control your body, keeping the balance, and push the pedals, i.e. keep working, to move forward...
... and less than a year later we were contacted by the director of a small cycling store located in Sokolniki and selling only two brands of bicycles — CUBE and GIANT. Isn't this an interesting coincidence? Since that time our company's history has been connected with this client and cycling also in a very real sense.
The client only sold a couple hundred bicycles a year. And that was his great achievement, as he also was the seller.
He could make the eyes of those few people,
who reached his store shine by telling them about the merchandise,
so that they would not leave "empty-handed".
We appreciated the client’s desire to work and develop at once. We told him what we were doing and what we could do to help him.

We saw understanding that outstanding results could only be achieved if the entire team worked together, and the efficiency of achieving them depended on the ability to delegate competencies and the responsibility,
i.e. on being able to rely on
each team member to do his work.
We could say that for the time being the reliance on our work was unprecedented, not characteristic of the Russian business circles. Even now, unfortunately, we meet partners with such a level of reliance on our work. extremely rarely. And this is a pity, as
we are convinced that this is a prerequisite of joint development and prosperity.
And we also really liked the bicycles Mag-Russia sold.
That was how that cycling store was called. They were really cool top-quality bikes
that captured our hearts. Especially CUBE.
With great
enthusiasm we set
to work.
We just couldn't betray the confidence the
director of Mag-Russia had in us and the openness with which he worked with us. And it was simply interesting for us to work in this particular area)

We made the website as user-friendly as possible (the best one among the cycling websites at the time), provided it with quality targeted traffic, kept adding some features to the website and advertisement, gave counsel to the client on various possible business development strategies.
The client did not remain idle: he worked on the commodity matrix, improvement of the point of sale and the service, formed a team of sales assistants (as he himself was physically unable to take care of everything as the sales increased).
During a year sales
grew by an order of magnitude!

And his team also grew both in number, and in professionalism.
Frames from mag-russia's commercial about their cycling workshop:
Alongside with that we realized that we reached the sales limit. We implemented the most effective things to the maximum, both for the website, and for the advertisement. During the subsequent years a growth of several percent, but not by times was possible...
The market of good-quality brand bicycles was at the time
extremely small.
We designed a strategy which extended the limits of this market and presented it to our client. That was a strategy of shaping demand for the CUBE brand. After the first year of this strategy implementation, our client did not just receive an outstanding result, but also understood how energy-consuming this strategy was. Therefore, he took a decision to concentrate entirely on the distribution business, and handed the store business over to his friends. But that was a different story which became a catalyst for development of Mag-Russia and many other cycling stores.

The new Mag-Russia managers continued working with us and still maintain the best traditions of their predecessor. The people work a lot on the quality of the service and the commodity matrix, and their warehouse and team grow. They opened another large store.

We feel sure about the quality of their work and continuously obtain confirmation from the feedback on Yandex.Market. They rely just as much on the quality of our work. We can measure the result of the tools we propose, and show them to the clients, we ensure that the number of the visitors of the project website and the sales grow annually.

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