For a long time our partners and us have been looking for a charismatic, conspicuous, and athletic person who
could become the face of the CUBE brand.
In the long run we chose a film and theater actor, TV presenter, a Distinguished Artist of Russia and a simply good man — Mikhail Porechenkov.
By a lucky chance and thanks to our partners and friends from CUBE, we managed to get acquainted with him. Having talked to him, we found a lot in common between Mikhail and us,
he gladly agreed to help us
as we was a great enthusiast of sports and healthy lifestyle, as well as a huge fan of two-wheel transport (with three motorcycles in his garage).
By the way, Mikhail Porechenkov is an all-round man you could talk endlessly with on any subjects, ranging from firearms and travel to boxing and Esperanto. He is one of those people who
rushes to the frontline
at first opportunity, controlling his fate on his own.
One of the first banners with Mikhail
CUBE's first advertising campaign with Mikhail started back at the beginning of 2012, but it was small, which we fully made up for by launching full-fledged photo sessions during which we could have great rides together, as well as hold numerous casual conversations.
Mikhail is a fan of CUBE bicycles, and he makes no secret about them.
A quotation from his interview: "For instance, last year I rode to Spain on a Fritzz (CUBE Fritzz). There cycling is considered one of the most fashionable sports. Absolutely everyone rides them. They are all so good-looking wearing gear with helmets, on race bikes.
And here I am, on a Fritzz and dressed haphazardly. But wait! I noticed that everyone was turning to look at me! This must have been because of the red brake calipers, pimped all the way (laughing)."
He rides a full suspension Fritzz and a hardtail Elite presented by our partners. His shining eyes reveal at once that the man gets great enjoyment from riding a bike.
Mikhail's official website http://www.михаилпореченков.рф/ was in a deplorable state: without content, with inaccurate information, without administration systems, with 198th position on Yandex search results page for the "михаилпореченков" (mikhail porechenkov) query, with a great deal of vague communities devoted to him, as well as fake web pages. That's when
we had to step in and help Mikhail.
Setting ourselves the task to make a really good image-building website, we quickly swept through the entire Russian sector of the Internet, got a box of valuable and exclusive photographs from Mikhail, arranged for dedicated photo sessions, thanks to which we created a perfectly new modern website. We put things regarding the actor's presence in social media in order,
arranged for feedback from the fans, and took the site to the top positions in the search results.
Михаилпореченков.рф home and deep page
Now Mikhail continues helping us and our partners, as we help him. Our fair cooperation brings its fruit, and we are convinced that neither we, nor him will regret what we have done and still doing for each other.