An example of our work on a niche retail and branding project
Several years ago, a new businessman came to our office on a recommendation. A man committed to cycling, a former European road racing champion who stopped participating at a professional level, but due to his personal characteristics established many connections in the cycling world both in Russia and abroad.
He was guided by a strong desire to start a project that would be oriented at people and interesting for fans of road bicycle racing, both as a professional, and as an amateur.
His assets included a small store at the Krylatskoye Sports Complex Velodrome, and a distribution system for several well-known premium brands - PINARELO, CINELLI, LOOK, MUSEEUW, PARKPEE and Nalini cycling clothing. We met him, listened to him, assessed the situation and explained which tasks were meant for the distributor and which for the retailer.
The distributor shapes the demand for his products and develops the dealer network.
The retailer is engaged in retail sales of a wide range of goods in the category, tries to develop it, take sales to a new level, provide a top class service, for the people to be satisfied and the customer loyalty to grow accordingly, and the project to stand a good chance of becoming a leader in the category.
Provelo logo development
We suggested a development plan based on his budget. The first stage
involved creating a niche retail chain selling bicycles, cycling clothing and accessories for road bicycle racing in the medium and premium segment.
He considered our proposal and accepted it. In anticipation of the cycling season, the work on the project began. For the quick start we chose the Provelo domain with a good history directly related to the professional cycling area, created a quality interface, planned the optimal communication with the consumer using Internet marketing tools aimed at direct sales via YandexDirect, YandexMarket, contextual advertising, search engine promotion. Our partner created the service, expanded the product range, paid special attention to order processing, provided feedback, tried satisfying all the needs of the customers, paid attention to the delivery. As a fan of bicycle sports, directly communicating with manufacturers and designers, he had a lot to tell the customers. home page and catalog
By the end of the season
our hard and well-coordinated work on the project enabled us to start the second stage — branding
We chose the Nalini brand of cycling clothes, a product with lots of interesting information to provide the potential customers with. In branding it is important for us to have a good quality and useful product, one we could test ourselves and want to tell people about.
We also know that a good product in combination with efficient marketing ensure a good
result. home page and catalog
Next year we started implementing the strategy for promoting this brand on the Russian market,
created the main information media – the brand website, planned and launched an advertising campaign designed to inform the target audience and shape the demand for the products. We continue developing this line today
Finally, the brand turnover increased considerably, and our partner opened a large and spacious offline store
selling road race bicycles, cycling clothing, and accessories.
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