This is the first retail project in which
we participate as investors,
combining all the aspects of the project life — from strategic decisions to tactical implementation of marketing and technical activities by our team and other participants.
The project (or rather its bicycles-related part) was conceived at the end of summer 2011. The idea was proposed by the client himself. He saw that the market really needs a strong project which would deliver
the best service of selling top-quality cycling goods throughout Russia.
So, in summer 2011 we had the idea proposed by our client. We got back to the office and started monitoring online feedback on various cycling stores.
We saw the values that buyers missed in other stores: top-class sales and after-sales service, wide range, large stock, favorable and convenient buying terms.
We were inspired with the idea of creating such a project, we believed in its success, saw that the market needed it.
It was decided to begin working on the project, and the client became our partner!
Investors realized that
for such an ambitious project to work a large a competent team was required,
impossible to form before the start date. We had to outsource some competencies. However, we were not aware of any teams that could perform our tasks on time.
We assumed all the responsibility. Due to the absence of an established Sportiv team, it was Shogo team that had to replace the missing competencies for the project (IT Director, Operations Director, and, to some extent, General Director).
At the start-up stage we covered three key energy-consuming areas:
  • Back-marketing (participated in formulating the project name, mission, and values, content, marketing activities, etc.);
  • Back-office (conducted interviews with candidates for the key manager positions, formed the operational team and processes, provided for their automation using the software designed by us specifically for the project, etc.);
  • Communications marketing, which is our traditional line of business (built the website, designed advertising campaigns, etc.).
The most time-consuming operation was inventing the project name. It took us nearly 6 months :-). All other activities were carried out in parallel and at jet speed.
Back office proved to be the most energy-consuming area. To select candidates for the key positions, we interviewed a vast number of people, including beginners and experienced start up founders, as well as line managers of rather large business companies.
As the team was being formed, we designed internal operating processes (interface regulations), automated those using our software which was also engineered in the process.
Within just three months we managed to create and integrate a warehouse system (ensuring automation of the back-office processes and storage of all data). online store
and the offline store.
Apart from the time and operational savings, this
integration ensured complete transparency for buyers,
which 1C software could not provide for with the planned level of sales. Online store visitors could see if the models they were interested in (even with color and size options!) were available at points of sale and monitor the state of their orders in real time.
This was a breakthrough service which complied with the store's mission and values and had no rivals not only in the given area, but in general at the time.
As for the results achieved, at the end of summer 2012 the project reached the leading position in the sales of cycling goods and increased the gap.
At the end of the fall 2012, the Sportiv project was replenished with two new lines —
exercise equipment, skis, and skates. These projects inherited all the ideological and technical values of the cycling line. And they will still have to fight for the leading positions. With our partners, we will do anything it takes to achieve that.
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