Added value
due to team work

In SHOGO we are convinced that every person has his/her social function.
The most valuable asset is human energy.
When such assets are combined, they are greatly multiplied and gain tremendous power.
A good violin is worth a great deal more than the materials it is made of.
This is a simple but superb example of added value generated by human energy.

Key values


United and on the same wave. Hand and glove.

Working with like-minded people is one of the keys to being highly effective.
This applies to our colleagues, partners, and clients.
The financial motivation factor can be a hindrance, and therefore it can never be used as the basis.
A team player putting his/her own interests ahead of the team is corrupt.

The most valuable asset that Shogo has is the team! It does not matter what we do: start up a giant's website, play rugby, or pickle mushrooms — we do it as a single organism — fast, flexible, and precise.


The ability to get things done, having expert knowledge, experience in the relevant field, unique practices and know-how, trend vision, and the ability to contribute something new.

Each newly created brand, new product, or new company entering the market must be aware why they came to the market. Apart from the good intent to earn money, the claimant has to take care of some unresolved issues on the market, which means having the competencies this environment requires.

We always seek a place where our competencies are required.


We see business process continuity as follows:
when we receive upstream material, we believe it is fine. Also when we pass the baton, we expect that its quality will not be discussed during the race.

We do not want to argue. We want to choose colleagues correctly, and then trust those of them who stand upstream in the common process, and also want our downstream colleagues to trust us.

Responsibility is only delegated with authority.

Long-term objectives

We are never in a hurry to reap the benefits.
We will always choose development from among development and fast profit.
We will prefer strengthening the company's position over profit.


Adherence to key values in small things.
The function of advertisement in a commercial environment is fairly simple: establishing communication between two parties concerned. Most frequently they are the product creator and consumer. A long and complex chain of distributors, various advertising media, dealers, and sellers can be between them. But if they finally get in touch, both are satisfied, and this is the victory of the marketing force.
We build these connections.
We love our work and take pride in it.
We respect creators of good products, services, and brands.
We will never participate in promoting a useless or poor quality product. We respect our work and our colleagues' work. We value sincerity and openness in relations. That is why we will never offer a kickback. Hence, we will never participate in something we do not believe in. Especially, for money.


Creating a strong company.

Using our competencies
wherever they are required



We seek associates

If you pursue similar approaches in your business, this is the key factor for us to start cooperation.
The other factor is the practicality of our competencies in the prospective project. We can act as partners, minority investors, contractors, as well as employers.

For us the decisive criterion for selecting partners and clients is not the ability to pay, but the ability to get things done. If a businessman is aware of what must be done to accomplish the objective, we are aware of what must be done in our area and we are ready to invest effort and money in the business.

Today our competencies lie in the field of setting up and developing large-scale Internet trade projects. The two main areas in which we employ some unique practices are Internet branding and Internet retailing.
There are companies in our portfolio which, pursuing these strategies, increased their annual turnover by dozens of times!


Setting up retail leaders

We have set up online stores in dozens of categories. The experience gained in some categories was successfully applied to other categories. As a whole, this provided a renewable source of unique competencies in online retail.

What authority over setting up an online store would you like to delegate? If you are entrusted with setting up an online store, Shogo is a building block complete with a well-tuned proactive team who have participated in similar activities more than once. We will quickly draw up the annual work schedule and instantaneously form a team of professionals thanks to our considerable personnel assets. We will provide the expense estimate adequate to the intended scope of the store transactions, to include it in the general financial structure of the would-be online store.

If necessary, we will offer recommendations for designing the commodity matrix, building the logistics scheme, arranging a warehousing system, or creating a call center. Our know-how goes beyond the acquisitions area.


Brand cultivation

In online trade of any scale ranging from a home-based or nation-wide online store, the retailer is always guided by the demand when designing the commodity matrix.

Up to a certain time, we had been consumers of this demand, directing advertisement at direct sales.
But as we progressed, we faced a number of cases when we found it necessary to shape this demand.

We worked with good products and truly renowned brands, but on the new Russian market their reputation was only known to a very limited audience. What can we do to make the amount of the branded products sold online dozens of times more than the amount of queries? The first parameter we were going to change using Internet marketing was the monthly number of queries concerning the brand taken from the statistics page yаndex.wordstat.

We researched the psychology of advertising, sociological phenomena and analyzed the function of message at the neurological level. As a result, we developed unique demand shaping practices.
We overcame the stubborn numbers and increased them a great deal. We increased the number of brand queries dozens of times, created thousands-strong brand communities. We repeated the process again and again.
We can evaluate the current demand and forecast the potential demand based on the market size and the investment budget.

Currently, we successfully implement the practices and know-how we developed. We apply the underlying principles to other fields, successfully proving their versatility.