to SEO

  • We have only 90 customers
  • We do not sell "website promotion" service
    in search engines at all
  • At the same time we rank among TOP 15 of the Russian SEO companies according to CMS magazine
  • And rank No. 2 in Russia for online store promotion
Do not promote
your website!
your business!
a good offer!
Tell people
about it!
your promises!
Take care
of your website!
The average age of our company's customer is over 5 years. What makes them stay in SHOGO from month to month, from year to year?
We adhere to several simple approaches:
  • We do not build any overestimated expectations, especially, when they are drawn out of us!
  • Especially when the customer desires to spend money hand over first. It is not our case!
Our SEO:
SEO is not promotion! SEO is optimization!
Right SEO must be of benefit to everyone:
project, search system, and mainly to people looking for
answers to their questions!
  • We do not bull, work up, blast.
  • Our SEO is mindfull, delicate care of the code, text,
    external reputation of the resource.
Manual work
Our SEO is not a plug or trick, and it is not also
"an inside from Yandex".
Our SEO is a painstaking manual work.
One can ise automated services, but only as an instrument
not as a human substitute.
Our SEO is part of an integral business strategy
Alignment of all the specialist of the project is a recipe of effective work. Everybody in SHOGO - strategists, marketing experts, designers, pagemakers, copyrighters, programmers, SEOs, SMMsm IT pros - are working in one team to reach one common goal.
SEO must not cost a lot
The price for SEO shall not depend on the business turnover.
Even for extremely high-budget projects quality SEO
can cost 20,000 - 30,000 rubles.