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What is our web development studio?

Our web development studio is a tool for marketing experts.
We do not build "turn-key websites."
We build complex information systems that clients requiring this type of services need.

Why do we maintain our own web development studio?

It should seem that it is much more convenient to subcontract the entire website creation process to reduce labor and money costs. But only at first sight. We took a different, more complicated path. We invest personnel, knowledge, and top managers' time in our own process engineers. We have learned to work properly. We can define tasks and accomplish them.
The result that we have achieved
is that our managers do not waste time on interaction with process engineers, they have no problems either with the "designer supervision", nor with third-party management. We have an efficient team working just like our marketing experts want, which is a great deal better than any third-party contractor.

Why is our studio efficient?

First of all, we achieved efficiency by targeted investments in our process engineers.
We have production personnel on our staff. The people who manage their own production facilities and breathe the same air with marketing experts.
Some of our secrets include:
  • Open technologies. We always prefer free technologies. We do our best to return what the world of opensource gives us.
    We discovered our main process
    value — our CMF;
  • Flexible development methodology. Even our cleaners understand Agile;
  • We realize that web development is, above all, software development.
    We are not advocates of Bitrix and otherad-hoc solutions.
    Instead we use all the power of the approaches which started to emerge back in 1980s in the US — SCRUM, ContinousIntegration, and TDD.

How did we start using our technologies?

It takes little effort to start "creating websites". You only have to become partners of any CMS in the country. You need not invest any funds — there are free and opensource tools typical developers can use. Using them, you can design a website quickly "on the back of an envelope". If a studio is only engaged in a large-scale website creation, this would actually be enough.

It is very important for every production to have a mission.
All the process participants must understand what they make the product for and what the result will be.
If an objective of a typical "turnkey website" is formulated, it will be simple—
creation for the sake of creation.

What will happen to such a product after entering the market? Will it sell? Be useful? Hardly. It will just exist. Or maybe even develop to some extent.

And only when the owners formulate and attempt to solve a task
using this product, they will start realizing what mistake they made in the very beginning.

Our path is different:
when dealing with our clients' tasks, we start with the business in mind. For this reason we formed our own team with our own unique tool set.

Who do we want to work with?

Only with those
who need us of all others.
We are needed by those who share our values and are ready to perceive our experience. Clients who treat their projects with the same reverence we do. Managers who accept our approach to intra-project communication and division of competencies.
We are not needed by people who:
  • Are unable to formulate the objectives of the future product;
  • Try to determine the technologies to be used themselves;
  • Want to have three design versions;
  • Miss deadlines in interproject communication.